Perpetual Income 365 Review – DFY System for Affiliate Marketers

Perpetual Income 365 Review

Hello! From last few months this product is constantly trending on ClickBank Thus I decided to write its honest review.

This product belongs to the Make Money Online niche. On ClickBank, you can find it in the category of E-Business & E-Marketing. Its first version 1.0 had been ranking at No.1 position in this category from last few months. It was also trending in the sub-categories (sub-niches) of Affiliate Marketing & Email Marketing.


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This is true that it’s an overhyped product but it doesn’t mean it’s a scam. It’s a completely legit online money making system. This system had paid out more than $200,000 affiliate commissions within 4 months at its initial stage.

On the date of 9th Jul, 2020 – Perpetual Income 2.0 was launched. It’s the current, upgraded & more powerful version. Still it’s ranking at No.1 position on ClickBank in same niches.

This is a plug-and-play affiliate marketing software which main focus is on email marketing & solo ads. But to make it newbie-friendly, creators have kept its 95% part as DFY. There is no complication, most of the things are already done.

So, how did I get to know about the Perpetual Income 365 system? I’m an affiliate marketer at JVZoo at ClickBank. From last few months, I have been seeing this ranking at first position on ClickBank marketplace.

Frankly, after watching its sales video & reading sales page, I had also considered it as overhyped & scam type product at first. But after few months, I decided to do a deep research on it. And I found that they promoted it bombastically. But it’s a completely legitimate online program.

If we directly come to the essence of Perpetual Income 365, it’s a software with online training programs. It helps you to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Just to market this in unique way, its sales page claims that they have decoded & revealed the Secret Netflix Algorithm.
Basically you get here to promote Perpetual Income 365.

But unlike other products, you get here done-for-you optin pages. Most of the contents & promotional items are already written & designed.

You will make affiliate commissions by promoting it through email marketing. Those tools are also already set for you. So there is almost no technical or complicated things and anybody can do this.

Basic Overview of Perpetual Income 365

This product is designed to create a recurring income for your simple marketing activities.

  • It’s an easy Plug-and-Play software which you can start in less than 30 minutes.
  • It provides fresh funnels created in one-click with autopilot follow-up emails.
  • It also has high upsells which maximize the commissions.

This product / program works very well with following types of niche traffic:

  • Personal Development
  • Business Opportunity
  • Make Money Online
  • Internet Marketing Traffic

How Perpetual Income 365 creators presented it?

As you will reach its landing page, it will ask you to access by submitting your email ID. After that, you will be redirected to its sales page which claims to reveal a secret of Netflix algorithm. This secret was revealed by its creators who are the ex-engineers of Netflix. This secret is the source of huge revenue of giant companies.

In today’s world, many people are making unbelievable incomes by using the same algorithm. And the Perpetual Income 365 is based upon the same algorithm.


They presented Netflix as their great foe, who doesn’t want to disclose these secrets to the public. They have also named this algorithm as MCCA, which means Micro Commitment-Consistency Compounding Algorithm. It is not an actual term from any engineering field. It seems it’s a marketing term created by themselves.

Mostly the MMO niche products used to make this type of claims. And I really doubt on this fact that an ex-engineer or an ex-employee from Netflix is exposing these secrets. It may be true or may be just a marketing strategy.

But beside these marketing tactics, if you’re a beginner who wants to earn a decent online income, this product will surely surprise you. It will help you to start your affiliate marketing journey with very simple efforts. Simply, you can start learning with earning.

There are two main creators of this product. First is Shawn Josiah from Singapore. Second is a person whose name has not been disclosed yet, as he has revealed so many secrets of giant companies. Both of them were ex-engineers of Netflix. And now both of them are very successful ClickBank vendors.

Checkout the MCCA Algorithm for online earning!

Perpetual Income 365 Members Area

As you will purchase Perpetual Income 365, you will be provided the opportunity to purchase some of its upsells. You can buy them if you wish or simply decline or postpone them for later. Its members’ area has a decent look and a clear user interface.


There are some welcome videos which gives you an overview of the complete system. They will help you to start your online earning.

There is a fault I found with these videos, that you can’t enlarge the video size. You may have to zoom your browser for some time.

As I already told you that, this is an online software (SaaS) with training products. In these trainings, you will be guided to earn money through email marketing & solo ads.

Watch the Demo of Perpetual Income 365

So, how does this system actually work?

Basically the whole system provides you DFY (done for you) tools & contents. It revolves around getting members to promote the Perpetual Income 365.

You will be an affiliate of this system and with the help of its tools, you can run email marketing campaigns. All the components & promotional items are already prepared.

Some simple but effective landing pages (optin pages) will be provided to you. Don’t worry, they will be hosted on their own servers. So you don’t need to create any landing pages or design contents. As well as you don’t have to purchase any domain or hosting. For more designed pages, you will have to upgrade your account.

Email marketing tools, email swipes, email broadcasts & auto-responders are also pre-programmed for you. All these things will be transferred into your auto-responders, automatically.

Training videos are provided for each step. If you’re already an experienced affiliate marketer, you don’t need to go into deep. You will figure out by yourself.

You will get tools to generate leads through solo ads. In simple terms, solo ads are email-based promotions or advertisements. They are used to send as dedicated email letters. The entire email copy advertises your promotion. Affiliate marketers buy it from the other marketers who have a large-sized email list.

These solo ads will generate leads & your email copies will be sent to them. Many of these leads will purchase the product & you will earn huge profits. Later on you will also earn recurring commissions when they will buy more upsells.


This system provides you a step-by-step guide. A normal person can learn the whole system within half an hour.

You will have to connect two accounts with this system. First, ClickBank to be an affiliate of Perpetual Income 365 system. Second you have to sign up or integrate a GetResponse account to use email auto-responder.

The main traffic method used in this whole system is solo ads. You have to invest some money. In the beginning you may get little ROI but eventually you get decent results. As these methods reaches to the audience of targeted niche & all the promotions are dedicated advertisements.

This system trains you to choose best solo ad vendors & describes how you can make more & more money through solo ad campaigns. It suggests 4 different platforms for solo ads:

  1. Udimi
  2. Traffic For Me
  3. Roys’s Solo Ads
  4. Wayne Crowe

Perpetual Income 365 Bonuses & Upsells

Perpetual Income 365 Bonuses

  1. Recurring Revenue: Master Plan
  2. Income Commander: Start Earning Today
  3. Start today: Tiny subscriptions, Big Profits

These free stuffs trains, how you can start online earning in a quick way by selling low-cost monthly newsletters. It also shows the roadmap to earn profits from membership & freelancing sites.

Perpetual Income 365 Upsells

  1. 3x Your Passive Income Stream ($9) – Passive Income Guide
  2. Asset Multiplier ($127) – Upgrade for extra landing pages
  3. 5-Click Profits ($197) – Provides extra features for landing pages
  4. Email ATM – A software to re-write email swipes with cloaking of affiliate links

Collect the free bonuses of Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365 Prices & Refund Policy

The vendors provides you a trial period for 14 days, which you can start with a low-cost of just $9.00. As you will enroll this program, you will get access of the course & training videos.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with this system, you can end you subscription. But if you like this program, you can continue with $47 monthly subscription after your 2 weeks trial period.

This product creators provide you a 60-days money back guarantee. If you cancel your monthly subscription, you will get a full refund with no question asked.

What are the Pros & Cons of Perpetual Income 365?

Nothing is perfect in this world so let’s see its cons first:

  1. The monthly subscription: You will have to pay a monthly fee for using the software. Beginners from some countries might not afford this.
  2. Short Trial Period: The trial period is just for 14 days. It means you have to take actions fast to start making money.
  3. The marketing strategy: Its creators has shown Netflix & as an evil. And they promoted this program as ‘an overhyped product with secret algorithms’.

The things which make this system very cool:

  1. DFY System: You don’t need to wander, confuse or figure out everything for online earning. As 95% of things are done-for-you.
  2. Supportive System: They provide 24/7 support. Their Facebook group is also very supportive. It has supportive members from across the globe.
  3. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee: Your amount is secured with this purchase. If you are not satisfied with it, you can simply ask for refund & get back all your money.
  4. Low Price for Entry: The initial cost is $9 so you can easily test it.
  5. Start Earning is Short-time Period: You don’t need to do too much struggle. You can learn entire system, within 30 minutes & as it claims, you will start earning within 2 months.

Final Thoughts

So now you have all the ideas about Perpetual Income 365. Now you can analyze it by yourself. I will definitely encourage you for this if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing or online earning.

There are many courses in market who teaches you how to do these stuffs. But these kind of DFY systems provides you training along with marketing & money making tools. Simply, you can start earning while learning!

Online money making process is decent but it takes time. That’s why most of the beginners used to feel huge demotivation in their initial journey. As they don’t get much results for months. They get frustrated & quit after trying few months.


But these types of DFY programs tastes your income within 2 months. You learn about affiliate marketing, email marketing & solo ads concept together. Later you can use it for any niche, for any product or offer.

Beginners knows nothing about ad campaigns, internet marketing strategies & creating funnels. It takes months (sometimes years) to understand them.

As well as not everyone is interested to read blog articles, eBooks or to watch lengthy training videos. Thus this type of program helps them to provide overview for all of them without going into deep.

To convert all my readers for my own affiliate commissions, I could write this whole review by glorifying Perpetual Income 365. But I believe, people must know the actual things thus I always try to be honest.

If you want to grow your online business, you shouldn’t depend on a single traffic source. Thus, I would suggest you to start with a DFY system. But after few months, do learn more skills of affiliate marketing & other traffic methods.

Checkout this DFY Affiliate Marketing System now!

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