Sqribble – Creates Amazing eBooks in 5 minutes without typing any words!

Many internet marketers & other professionals used to spend a lot of time producing marketing content. They have to put a lot of effort into creating eBooks, charts, pages, slideshows, etc.

There are so many tools & software available in the market that help you write & design eBooks. But their features are not enough; they don’t have lots of attractive templates.

That’s why a notable person (Adeel Chowdhry) decided to build fantastic software to fill this gap. Their software Sqribble is a unique eBook creator tool that creates – eBooks & reports within 5 minutes without typing any word.

Let’s have a close look at this stunning e-book design & publishing software. In this article, I am going to share my honest opinion with you about this product.

What is Sqribble? What can it do for you?

Sqribble is claimed to be the “World’s Easiest & Most Powerful eBook Creator Software”.

It is a cloud-based software that produces eBooks in PDF format with very few efforts. This platform provides done-for-you eBooks & templates which you can provide to your clients & audiences.

Sqribble’s dashboard & its editing interface provides you with a lot of tools to put contents & to design eBooks. Most of the elements work on the drag-&-drop facility. Thus even a newbie can customize all contents easily.

After creating an eBook, you can save it in PDF format. You can also send it to your audience through online sites. Its powerful tools & unique features save your lot of time & efforts.

In these days, eBooks are widely using for leads generation, attracting clients & growing audiences. Thus you have both the options, either sell them for direct profits or use them as a giveaway.

What are the fantastic features of Sqribble?

Sqribble is packed with so many DFY professional templates including mesmerizing page designs, useful page elements & attractive cover templates. It isn’t just another eBook creator app. It gives your contents a professional & super-attractive look.

It is so simple to use that even a non-technical or non-designer person can handle everything without any extra efforts. It works & produces results within 60 seconds or a few minutes.

Have a look at its surprising features:

1) Automatic Content Creation

You don’t need to write any words. Just submit a URL of any webpage or a document file. And it will collect all the contents & arrange them automatically. You can also use their built-in content database.

2) Automatic Headers & Footers

It inserts pre-designed headers & footers automatically. It will also create your custom branding on every page with your logo, branding & call to action elements.

3) Drag & drop System

You can easily customize any page without any coding or design skills. Just drag & drop the elements & it will create professional page layouts for you.

4) Unlimited Pages

You can simply add or delete pages as much as you want. There is no limit for that.

5) Endless Design Elements

Just tap few buttons & add numerous articles pages, cover pages, images, icons, backgrounds, text blocks, buttons, dividers, bullet lists, CTA elements & many more.

6) Sqribble DFY Library

Access to the Sqribble built-in library that consists of 300+ Google fonts, 50 eBooks templates, ten different eBook themes, 15 niche-specified templates & many more.

How can you use Sqribble to publish eBooks instantly?

There are following options & steps which you can follow:

  • Choose a template: Pick a pre-designed template for your eBook. There are 50 available options, pick anyone. You can also select a blank template & design from scratch.
  • Collect URL: Find a webpage or a blog post & collect its link (URL). It will automatically turn web contents in the eBook, including images. If you’re using others contents, don’t forget to credit them.
  • Copy-Paste: If you have already written contents, just copy & paste them. Your eBook will be ready within a few seconds or minutes.
  • Upload document file: If you have a document or a written file, just upload it. The software will convert it into a professional eBook automatically.
  • Article Collection: Sqribble provides you with a collection of already written articles. You can also use them for your materials.

What are the pricing plans, upsells & refund policy of Sqribble?


The standard price of Sqribble is $67, including commercial license & agency website. Usually, they give you a discount of $20 when you visit their sales page.


There are four upsells with the standard kit of Sqribble, which are the following:

1) Sqribble Professional ($97)

To unlock 150+ professional eBook templates for all niches

2) Sqribble Prime, Monthly Subscription ($47 per month)

It’s for 15 new premium & exclusive templates every month.

3) Sqribble Fantasia 3D ($77)

It provides tools to create 3D Covers & Flipbook animation.

4) Auto-Job Finder Tool (197)

It’s an automated online tool to find profitable jobs on different freelancing sites.

These are the four upsells recommended by Sqribble sellers. It’s up to you whether you want to access all updates & premium features or not.

Refund Policy

Sqribble secures your amount with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this software or their service, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Pros & Cons of Sqribble

No software can be 100% perfect & Sqribble is no different. Thus let me share its positive as well as negative sides with you.


There is no doubt that Sqribble is a unique platform & it provides extra-ordinary features. I have listed here seven best things about Sqribble:

1) DFY Designed Templates

In today’s world, everyone needs DFY things. Technology provides us with the freedom to make things quicker.

Sqribble’s built-in design templates help you to create eBooks with significantly less effort & time. You are free to choose any color-scheme & multiple templates based on categories.

2) Client Management

Sqribble provides a particular area to manage client details. It offers a unique feature to build multiple client-specific eBook designs. You can collect contact details, pricing data, custom notes, etc. for each client separately.

3) Clients Reviews

When someone pays to create or design eBooks for them, you will have to make discussions with them. But sometimes it requires lengthy phone calls, frequent emails & sort of.

But this software allows your clients to comment. You can handle all their reviews inside Sqribble panel.

4) Reminders to Save Work

Sqribble reminds you time to time to save your work so that you won’t lose your file even if you forget to save your file.

5) Multiple Color-Schemes

To make huge variations among your eBooks, it provides you with multiple pre-set color palettes. It helps to create something new & fabulous design contents every time.

6) Variable Fonts

Using fonts smartly brings a significant impact to your contents for your readers. Thus, Sqribble provides you with more than 300 Google fonts so that you can create eBooks in huge variations.

7) Simple Customization

You don’t need to be a designer or to have any technical skill to work with this software. With a little practice, you will be able to customize & design your eBook with Sqribble.


As I already said that nothing could be perfect. Let’s see five missing features in Sqribble.

1) Sales Pitches

It’s completely okay to keep upsells in any product. But these upsells should not be in initial usage. There are many extra features which you can’t use until you go for the upgrades.

2) No Automatic Saving

Surprisingly, an online tool can’t save your work automatically. There might be some technical reason, but Sqribble must provide an auto-save feature.

Indeed, this software always reminds you after a while to save your work. But it might be not very pleasant sometime.

3) No Undo Option

In today’s world, everyone needs a feature to go back to previous actions. But Sqribble doesn’t allow you to undo.

4) No Custom Color Schemes & Fonts

They are indeed providing more than 20 color palates which are enough to design your eBook. But sometimes you may need custom brand colors for a client, which is missing here.

Similar to color options, you can’t upload your custom font. If you think that 300+ Google fonts are enough for you, then it’s okay.

5) Less Data Storage

Sqribble doesn’t provide you with much data storage. As per my experience, you can’t keep more than 300 images in your account probably.

Who are the potential users of Sqribble?

Sqribble is perfect for –

  • Product Creators
  • Internet Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants & more.

It is a revolutionary product for the people –

  • Who wants to collect large leads by providing a giveaway
  • Who wants to generate huge profits by selling eBooks
  • Who wants to work as a freelancer by designing eBooks, sheets, guides etc.
  • Who have zero skills in designing but still want to work in this field
  • Who wants to sell their courses & use eBooks as a lead magnet

Why should you use this eBook creator software?

Easy to Use

Unlike other designing tools & software, you don’t need coding or designing skills with Sqribble.

You get most of the things as done-for-you, pre-designed, easy-to-use & with the drag-&-drop facility.

Automatic Content

There are very few eBook creator tools which can create contents automatically for your eBook like this. With Sqribble you can simply pick a niche or submit a URL of a webpage & it will arrange all contents automatically.

In short, you can write a complete eBook without writing a single word!

Impressive eCovers

You don’t need any designer or any other designing software to create your eCovers. Sqribble is packed with required templates with professional & creative looks.

Helpful in eBook projects

When you design eBooks for your clients, you don’t need to depend on time-consuming conversations on emails, Skype or phone call.

Sqribble saves your precious time by providing a unique feature of reviews. Your clients can easily comment as feedbacks & you can access them inside the panel.

Wide Customization

Sqribble provides full freedom to design your eBook in unlimited ways. You get access to more than 300 fonts, more than 20 color palates, multiple themes, & so many design elements.

What is my personal opinion about Sqribble?

Frankly, there are so many tools & software which you can use to create eBooks. But I have not seen any software which provides both features of ‘writing & designing’ on the same scale.

The image-editing or designing software allows you to design in multiple creative ways. The available eBook creator apps provide you with the tools to write contents. But Sqribble is a champion for both tasks.

DFY contents & Automation tools always save your time & effort. In these days everyone wants instant results. Thus it’s better to use the latest technology.

E-Books are a great source to grab the attention of people. This thing helps to engage our audience with us. If you use eBooks as free giveaways, it will act as a great lead magnet for your business. You can also use them as PLR products.

The freelancers who want to earn by designing eBooks & guides for their clients, Sqribble will be very beneficial for them.

As well as you if you want to earn huge profits by selling eBooks on Amazon, Kindle & such platforms, Sqribble can be a best friend for you.

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